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Get specific text from "Visible Text"

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Hi all, I have detailed my problem below.

Trying to use AutoIt to:

- Open a program

- Get a specific piece of text from the "Visible Text" of the program window

- Press a button depending on what the specific piece of text is

The visible text is the following:







&Registration info

Program &information


The only line that changes is the 2nd line of text. It can be 1, 2 or 3 and displays at random when the program is opened.


My question is: (After storing the visible text in a variable i.e.

$Text = WinGetText("", "")
) How then do I get the 2nd line of text and act according?


Obviously I will need to use a conditional statement, but I can't figure out how to somehow either get the 2nd line or parse it from the variable.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I think the following function can help you:

StringSplit: Splits up a string into substrings depending on the given delimiters.

Return: Returns an array, by default the first element ($array[0]) contains the number of strings returned, the remaining elements ($array[1], $array[2], etc.) contain the delimited strings.

Possible code to your case:

$Array = StringSplit ($Text, "&" ,0)

$Array[1] will probably have '1' value or some thing like that, if not you can split it again with the correct delimiters until it becomes the value that you expected.

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Thanks for your pointers Juraci.

I split the Window Text by each new line (when carriage return/line feed characters are encountered)

I used the following code to achieve this:

$array = StringSplit ($text, @CRLF ,0)

"1" is at $array[2] so I used an ElseIf statement to act according to what was stored in position 2 of the array.

This solves my issue. So thanks again!

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