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adding files to list by name

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i posted something related to this awhile but i'm somewhat still in search of something better.

Basically last time, i wondering about _FileListToArray but it's not really what i'm looking for.

What i wanted was for my program to view list of videos, pick the one where i left off, and start adding the rest (by name) that hasn't been read yet.

So for example:

I watched a certain amount of episodes, and i will watch more tomorrow. So far, i made a program that will log which videos i watch, and the current time i stopped, it's then able to start up that episode at the precise. The only problem now is add the episodes after it. The episodes are by name so i'm wondering if i can use some type of lister that sorts by name. Actually, if anyone can recommend me to a good lister, that would be nice.

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Either use the forum search facility or code one of your own.

If you plan to code one of your own, look up:

FileFindFirstFile, FileFindNextFile, FileClose (file listing)

StringInStr or StringRegExp (filename comparison)

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