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find a colored box

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Hi Everyone,

This is my 1st time posting on these forums, pls go easy on me.

I am addicted to programming, I enjoy it. I made my 1st piece of code and would like some help with it.

Here is my code, its messy i know. What i would like is for someone to help make me a better programmer by pointing out flaws and ways to make things cleaner.

I apologise if i have posted this in the wrong place. Thx

my code

;finding a bar top left bar position and pixel color then moving mouse to the location.

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "first well just mouse over the bar we want the dimensions for")

$mouseposa = MouseGetPos()

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "now we have our 1st mouse pos saved, your mouse coods to x= " & $mouseposa[0] & "y= " & $mouseposa[1])

$pixcol = PixelGetColor($mouseposa[0], $mouseposa[1])

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "e now have a pixel color as a marker" & Hex($pixcol, 6))

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "next we are gonna attempt to move the mouse pointer to the top of the bar until the pixel color changes")

;get top of box

$pixcolmark = $pixcol

$var = 1

While $pixcolmark = $pixcol

$var = $var + 1

MouseMove($mouseposa[0], $mouseposa[1]-$var, 0)

$pixcolmark = PixelGetColor($mouseposa[0], $mouseposa[1]-$var)


MouseMove($mouseposa[0], $mouseposa[1]-$var+1, 0)

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "there we are at the top of the box")

$topbox = MouseGetPos()

;get top left of box

$pixcolmark = $pixcol

$var = 1

While $pixcolmark = $pixcol

$var = $var + 1

MouseMove($topbox[0]-$var, $topbox[1], 0)

$pixcolmark = PixelGetColor($topbox[0]-$var, $topbox[1])


MouseMove($topbox[0]-$var+1, $topbox[1], 0)

$topleftbox = MouseGetPos()

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "there we are at the top left of the box and the mouse position is saved for the top left most point")

;get top right position of box

$pixcolmark = $pixcol

$var = 1

While $pixcolmark = $pixcol

$var = $var + 1

MouseMove($topbox[0]+$var, $topbox[1], 0)

$pixcolmark = PixelGetColor($topbox[0]+$var, $topbox[1])


MouseMove($topbox[0]+$var-1, $topbox[1], 0)

$toprightbox = MouseGetPos()

;get the distance of the bar in pixels and divide by 10%

$vardiv = $toprightbox[0]- ($topleftbox[0])

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "the distance of the box is " & $vardiv & "divided by 10 = " & $vardiv/10)


;move mouse to topright and start assigning variables

Dim $boxarray[10][2]

MouseMove($toprightbox[0], $toprightbox[1], 0)

$guide = MouseGetPos()

Local $i

For $i = 1 to 10 Step 1

$boxarray[$i-1][0] = MouseGetPos(0)

$boxarray[$i-1][1] = MouseGetPos(1)

MsgBox(0,"Wingman", "array number " & $i-1 & " x coods = " & $boxarray[$i-1][0] & " y coods = " & $boxarray[$i-1][1])

MouseMove($guide[0]-$tenpercent, $guide[1], 0)

$guide = MouseGetPos()


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