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Timer / Loop and scroll

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Hi All,

I'm trying to write a script that essentialy opens a PDF, scrolls through it until it hits the bottom, and then jumps to the top. That part I can do without a problem. But then, after 30 minutes, I want to close the PDF, copy the latest version of the file, reopen it and continue scrolling through it. I guess this will be done with While...Wend or Do...Until statements (?).

BONUS points if you can help me figure out the following: Can AutoIt figure out how many pages long a PDF is? I was thinking that if each page was a set byte count you may be able to divide the total bytes by that number to get a rough estimate. The point is to keep each page up for about 10 seconds.

I've learned a lot from these forums -- thanks for any help you can offer.

(AutoIt v3)

; Close PDF
; Copy the file from the source to the destination
FileCopy("C:\NewDoc\document.pdf", "C:\OldDoc\", 1)
; Open the PDF
$doc = "C:\OldDoc\document.pdf"
RunWait (@ComSpec & " /c start " & "acrord32.exe " & " " & $doc & "")
; Maximize the window
WinSetState("document.pdf - Adobe Reader", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)
; Scroll through PDF - default value is 10000
Sleep (10000)
Send ("{PGDN}")
Sleep (10000)
Send ("{PGDN}")
Sleep (10000)
Send ("{HOME}")
; Somehow go back to first "Sleep" and loop this section until 30 minutes have gone by. Then go back up to the first line of the script.

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In my version of Adobe acrobat (9.0 full version) the autoit window info tool gives the current page at the very end of the visible text. While this does not give a total page count, it should allow you a work-around to your problem.

When the new number shows up you can start a timer, after 10 seconds page down and check to see if the number changed. If it did, you are on a new page, if not, you are at the end of the document...



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