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Application Tracking

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This script will query the list in Add/Remove programs from any computer you specify (Within your domain). Once the results are collected from all sources, they are written to Excel so make sure you have that installed. (Full list of requirements are below.) There's 2 ways you can enter in your list of computers to query. First, you can simply type them in one by one then use the arrow buttons to add or remove them from the query list. Second, you can use my AD browse feature (button is the open icon) which displays your AD structure in a TreeView. Simply select an OU that contains a computer you want to query against and hit the "Select" button after highlighting the computer.


Please Read This Part Before Use!!!

Server 2003 does not have the Windows Installer Provider WMI component installed by default. You MUST install this component on any Server 2003 box to query against it, otherwise you will receive errors while your query executes. I wish I knew why MS left that component out in the default install of the OS, but oh well.




Excel (2003 and 2007 are working)

Local Admin rights on all computers to be queried against

WIP WMI Component (Server 2003) -- XP, 7, Server 2008 all work with default install. OS' prior to 2003 were not tested.

Latest AutoIt Version and AD Functions written by Water I believe. (Thanks Water, those are epic)



I'd like to thank the coder of the Join Domain Tool as I referenced his code on how to build the AD tree. I'd also like to thank anyone who has suggestions or comments on the script.


SC and Exe are attached.




Application Tracker V1.00.000.zip

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