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Playing Video in Background of Window

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Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to use a video (AVI type) in the background of my window. I would like controls to be on top of the video(inputboxes and buttons, not the video controls). After hours of searching, I've seen multiple ways to play a video object in a window.

The AVICreate function included in Autoit doesn't seem to like my AVI filetype. I've converted it to many different types including motionjpg, but it still won't play it. The avi included in a simple 3fps 20x20 BMP video, so very basic. The documentation just says that AVIs are supported, but doesn't say anything about the codec because avis are simply the container. The codec can be any number of things. The video I want to play is a motionjpg codec, with no audio.

I finally got it playing using the WMP component within an IE object as indicated here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69509

The video plays great, but all of the controls(Inputtext boxes and buttons, not the video controls) are behind the video.

I was wondering if anyone had a better method to play a simple AVI file(with what codecs are supported) or how to get my controls behind the video.

Thanks so much!




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C:\Users\Batman\Desktop\aviexample.au3(47,45) : ERROR: WM_COMMAND(): undefined function.


but i tried to play looped videos high res and it seems to blink each loop.

ALso i thought this would play video on the background :graduated:

OH well.

Good work on the script. !!!

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