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Winactivate problem

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I've got some code that opens a Word doc from a template, does a 'save as' to set the filename then does various search/replaces and sets the metadata, and saves again.

The focus should then go back to the word doc for the script to enter some text from a string, and a couple of 'returns' etc.

This works fine on most of the PCs I've tried it on [all XP] but I've found 2 that don't, and I think it's a problem with those particular PCs [both of the same old age and low spec].

Does anyone know which dll is used in switching focus, so I can try swapping it with one from a machine on which my script works?

I'v checked the ForegroundLockTimeout settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop and it's set to zero on all the machines, so that's not the cause.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestion as to other possibilities welcomed!!



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