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Outputting text from variable?

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I currently have a variable that contains some text. I want to somehow paste this variable into a text editor using autoit v3.

Also, I am having troubles concatenating two variables together.

For Example:

If I want to combine the following two variables,

$first = Hello

$second = World

how would I combine them?

Is it something like $first+$second



Thanks much. I'm still reading the documentation to try and figure this out. But any help appreciated! :blink:

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Read the help file, specifically the "Language Reference" section.

& is for string concatenation.

You can use a number of ways for transferring the text to a text editor:

1 By typing it out (slow for long text) via Send

2 By using the clipboard via ClipPut and ClipGet

3 By setting the GUI control data via GUICtrlSetData

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