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File upload using AutoIT

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Requesting for anyone to help me out with file upload using AutoIT for flash applications.


In the above URL, the upload photo is flash controlled. Using selenium I am able to use FlashSelenium and click on Upload photo button.

FlashApp.Call("click") --> Method will click on the Upload Photo flash and a window browse popup opens

But the big trouble is to select an image from the window browse button. The code that I tried using AutoIT is -


$var = FileOpenDialog("File Upload", "C:\Documents and Settings\mgollapa\workspace\AllRecipes\Pictures", "Scripts (*.jpg;*.png;*.gif)", 2)

; option 2 = dialog remains until valid path/file selected

WinActivate("File Upload")

ControlClick("[CLASS:File Upload]", "kill_bill.jpg", 1148, "")


But this is not working.. Any help??

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