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Strategy Game on AutoIt ???

How Hard is it ?  

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  1. 1. How Hard Is To Make a Strategy Game ?

  2. 2. How hard is to make a Basic RTS (wood,stone,iron,population)

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It would be interesting to see a more advanced game than Yatzy in AutoIt, but hard it will be.

You would need to build a graphics engine. AI for both your own units and any eventual CPU players. Maybe network support (that's going to be like bathing in LAVA). Pathfinding. Fog of war. Lots of other things.

Have you taken any decisions yet?

  • Real-time or turn-based?
  • 2D or 3D?
  • Single- or multi-player?
  • Will the product be Open-Source? Freeware? Commercial?
  • Are you gonna do everything yourself or try to build a team?

And don't forget that AutoIt is not the fastest language around.

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Advanced RTS and 3D Graphics engine is far out of reach for autoit. We just have to set the basic's. I mean if we could script a working RTS engine then graphics shouldnt be a problem becouse with trancexx's GIF UDF ( Thank god for that, No thank trancexx xD ) we could use animation's which will be more than enough. now in these few hours 3-5h ive managed the most basic RTS you can ever imagine. NO CPU opponents with alot of flaws but non the less it works. you can build your own colony and stuff really basic though.

Tested on XP SP3 only :blink:

Functions and more.

Game UDF

UDF Functions:

* _Game_Create_Backround($x, $y, $width, $height)

* _Game_Add_Object($x, $y, $object_ID, $object_type)

* _Game_Add_Multi_Object($x, $y, $object_ID, $object_amount, $min_coord, $max_coord, $object_type)

* _Game_Get_Object_Name($object_ID)

* _Game_Set_Stats()

* _Game_Add_Person()

* _Game_Update() ;Used in an loop

* _Game_Update_Stats()

* _Game_Update_Person($x, $y)

* _Game_Get_Person_State($id)

* _Game_Person_Move($id)

* _Game_Woodcut($id)

* _Game_Stonemine($id)

* _Game_Ironmine($id)

* _Game_Set_Person_State($state_id, $person_id, [OPT]$data)

* _Game_Add_Wood()

* _Game_Add_Stone()

* _Game_Add_Iron()

* _Game_Stop_All_Jobs()

* _Game_All_Woodcut()

* _Game_All_Stonemine()

* _Game_All_Ironmine()

* _Game_One_Woodcut()

* _Game_One_Stonemine()

* _Game_One_Ironmine()

Global Vars

$object[0][0] = 2 arrayed variable that declares all objects ingame exept persons and colonys.

$colony[0][0] = 2 arrayed variable that declares all colonys ingame.

$pers[0][0] = 2 arrayed variable that declares all persons ingame.

$wood = wood label

$stone = stone label

$iron = iron label

$pop = population label

$bck = Backround picture

$wood_amount = wood amount.

$stone_amount = stone amount

$iron_amount = iron amount

$pop_amount = population amount

$pop_limit = population limit with current houses and colonys.

$notice = notice label

$pop_free = population free label

$pop_free_amount = population without a job ( state = "Nothing" )

$gui = GUI


1 = Tree

2 = Colony

3 = Person

4 = Building

5 = Stone

6 = Iron

Person State

1 = Nothing

2 = Woodcutting

3 = Moving

4 = Stone Mineing

5 = Iron Mineing

Now you're probably wondering why am i releasing this so early. Its becouse im going to a trip for a week or so and this might help anyone with the same goal.

you will see the Flaws ingame.

Strategy Game.rar

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i tryed to add a movement direction for the Persons using _GDIPlus_Matrixrotate() but i got stuck there :S. And im quite sure i could speed the game up for sure but im more focused on Movement AI. If you alread tested the game then you'd notice that the persons just walk over the object's when theyr on a Task, but not if theyr just walking and that astounded me, becouse both are using the same command. Anyway hope this help :blink:

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And Admiral you know very well that a newbie like me isnt up for the task. Its a large task and for that task what you described (3D Graphics engine, Online Game, CPU Opponents). It needs atleast more than 3 Masters in Autoit.

And more advanced Than Yatzy ? I dont know never seen it but i think Asteroids is more advanced :blink:

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That doesn't look to bad I guess. But you should remove the GUIGetMsg(), because it does a small Sleep when it doesn't return anything. Compare the cpu-usage with and without and you will see what I mean.

I dont know never seen it but i think Asteroids is more advanced ;)

Maybe a little bit :blink:

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