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Clipboard to (file/binarydata/sqlite) back to Clipboard

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Hi I'm trying to push all the

contents of the clipboard to either a file or a blob or some format which I can recover later .... [A]

and then empty my clipboard and ready for the me to

copy something else and then put that content also into another file of a record in the database ....

and then later recover [A] to clipboard and then after sometime recover to the clipboard.

I got some help in AHK

ClipSaved := ClipboardAll
FileAppend, %ClipSaved%, C:\Company Logo.clip
Clipboard := ClipSaved
ClipSaved =

But I want to do it in Autoit (coz its my fav.)

Can anybody help me please :blink:

[font="Book Antiqua"]Thanks`A[/font]

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