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AutoIt & JavaKit

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Guest chrwof8217

I am running a script that loads a file to javakit, taking about 1 minute to finish the load and then allows more input to the command line. The problem is that the script hangs after the load is complete. I tried using a Winwait("whatever", 90) command so that after 90 seconds the script will continue, giving the file load time to finish. I need to know if there is a better tool to use to make it so that the javakit file load will end and the script will continue shortly after. (preferably as soon as the file finshes loading)

New to :( AutoIT =)

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Not familiar with Javakit, could you provide a bit more information. I looked up javakit and saw a few screenshots.

Your Javakit has a window interface, correct?

Does anything change on the screen or a window popup when you are loading that file?

Are any buttons disabled or drop downs while loading?

My suggestion ( not knowing the program) would be to try and grab the text box in the middle (assuming it is the same as the pic I saw.)

You might be able to do it with a controlgettext() or possiblly with sending a ^c to it. I have an autocompiler script that does something like this.

I would set up a loop and look for a certain phrase, like "load complete"


while 1
if stringinstr($x,"load complete")>0 then exitloop
sleep(1000); wait a sec
; rest of script

with no idea of the program or the responce, the best I can do atm.

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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