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I want a piece of code that I cant quite find out how to work.. I belive I have the basics down but need a bit of help with finishing it.

IniWrite(@DesktopDir & "\myfile..txt", "section2", "key", $Var1 & ":" & $Var2 & "{ENTER}")

that is what I have been using but I dont think im working it quite correctly

okay i think you should be able to see what I want to do.. I want it to create a file or open it if it is on the second loop or more.

And then import var1 and var2 divided by :

then enter down so next time it will do it right below the previous one....

How could I prefect this thank you

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all you did was change it from .txt to .ini and that didnt really slove my issue.

See its useing a do until 1 = 4 so the program never ends but yet when ever it creates this file it seems to overwrite it while I want it to just add to it.

thank you

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