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Did Anyone Make a Working Keyboard Remapper?

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Well, I'm really trying for ages. At least three years. I wrote several versions, but they always go unusable.

My scripts are working but they're horribly slow. I'm typing fast and the script can't follow me, especially in slow applications. The problem is that when it lags behind me, it messes up the characters. This can be solved because I have a remapper written in Autohotkey, and it doesn't mess them up. In this very minute, while I'm typing this post, my AHK script often lags behind me, characters stop to appear, and after some seconds they appear correctly as I typed them. But with my Autoit script this doesn't work. Every time when I type too fast, it freezes for some seconds, then one of the letters I pressed appears several times. For example, exxxxle or epppple instead of example. The number of characters is correct…

The problem is that I don't like Autohotkey. Sorry for it, I like Autoit much better. A long time ago, when I didn't know Autoit yet, I wrote this simple remapper in AHK, it's OK for everyday usage, but for special cases I need a complex, multilanguage remapper that I don't have the patience to code in AHK for.

I'm using three methods to send out characters. Send, ControlSend (identifying the control focused in the active application) and _SendUnicode. They have different side effects, but the main problem is the same: lagging behind messes up characters. I don't mind if it lags behind, the AHK script does it, too. But I can't work if I have to delete and retype four times a minute.

Eagerly I'm waiting here for any idea.

Láng Attila D., LAttilaD.org

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