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Steam logon script help

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I have a couple of steam accounts on my computer, and want an easy way to switch between them on my HTPC, where I don't have a keyboard.

I'll figure out how to launch the script from the gamepad later, but for now I've hit a problem.

Here's the script as I have now:

Dim $user = "user"

Dim $pass = "pass"

Run ("G:\Steam\Steam.exe")

WinWaitActive("Steam Login")


Send("{TAB}{DEL 8}")



When steam launches, if the focus is on the username box, this works perfectly. But sometimes (if say there's been a network glitch and failed logon), it will be on the password box.

I can't figure out how to detect which it is, and handle it appropriately.

The AI window spy doesn't help much - the steam form is not a windows form, and the username and password boxes don't seem to be recognised controls.

Any ideas?

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