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Set Print Preferences Unknown Printer Name

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I am attempting to set printer preferences for a label printer. Based on what the person has entered in a GUI form I need to change the paper height to match. So far things have gone pretty good but now I have run into this problem:

Some computers have the printer installed by a different name then the default. (i.e. they have plugged it into multiple USB ports hence creating copies of the label printer.) I am wandering if anyone out there knows how to set printing preferences based off a driver name or some other set variable. I tried playing with the /r function of printui.dll but it says it can't find the printer. Here is what I have so far:

Run('rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /e /n "ZDesigner RW 420"') ; opens preferences
WinWaitActive("Printing Preferences") ; wait for window to be active
WinSetState("Printing Preferences","",@SW_HIDE) ;hide preferences (seems useless)
$oldheight = ControlGetText("Printing Preferences","","[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:3]") ;get current height preference
ControlSetText("Printing Preferences","","[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:3]",$height) ;set new height preference
ControlClick("Printing Preferences","","[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:12]");submit changes

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