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pstools - output into notepad question

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Hi there, wonder if you can help. Creating a basic Gui with buttons for PStools commands inlcuding input box for remote hostname. The exe's are sitting on a remote location

I am trying to get just the "result" of a pstools command to output in two ways:

1) Pop open the output of PSInfo in a text file once the output has completed.

2) Pop open the output in a seperate DOS window.

Heres what I got so far:


Case $msg = $Button_2

rc = _RunDos('\\ApplicationServer\c$\TEMP\PSTools\psinfo \\' & GUICtrlRead($Input) & '>>c:\result.txt')

sleep (5)

run ("notepad.exe c:\results.txt")


In the above example - button2 runs PS info successfully on the remote hostname (thats input by the user in the $input box). I have given a wait of around 5 seconds for the command to successfully complete and input the data into the text file so the text file launches. However, on some PC,s the wait can be 1 seconds and others it can be 10 seconds. I was wondering if its possibly to specify that the results.txt file opens ONLY when the command as run properly and populated the file with the result?

In the second case I had:


$iPID = Run('cmd.exe')


send ("color 0a {ENTER}")

send ("c: {ENTER}")

send ("cd winnt\system32 {ENTER}")

Send('\\ApplicationServer\c$\TEMP\PSTools\psinfo \\' & GUICtrlRead($Input) & ' {ENTER}')


This successfully brings up the DOS window showing you the output of the PSInfo command. Its just like manually typing it in yourself. However, I dont want the end user to see the initial stage of the command - just want them to see the OUTPUT of the command in a seperate DOS window. Is there a way of doing this?

I tried using the Run ("\\ApplicationServer\c$\TEMP\PSTools\psinfo.exe") but had trouble in getting the $input section to interact with this...also the DOS window would just pop up and disappear.

Appreciate any help with this

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