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GUIListView.au3 General Questions

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I am creating a list view with GUIListView.au3 and have some questions.

1. I want to put the list view on a tab, but when I do it is always visible even when I go to other tabs. How do I fix that? I am currently creating the list view directly after the creation of the tab that I want it to appear on.

2. I would like to store passwords in my list view how ever I would like to put a mask on the characters '*'. How do I do this?

3. I am also displaying a drive status in the list view. I want to know if is possible to change the background of individual items in the list view based on the status of the drive.

4. Is it possible to have check boxes and images/icons on the same list view?

5. Is it possible to have an event take place when an item is double clicked on?

If you would like a mental picture of what I am trying to create think of the GUI for TrueCrypt (with added features)


Sorry about so many question in post.

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