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Having a bit of trouble

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Hey guys, today I am working on part of my script that logs into the server site and updates the call pool. However, i tried to use the _IE properties such as the getobjectbyid, getobjectbyname, forms, set elements but none seem to work on this site. I thought it might have been been b ut I coded gmail logon script using _IE properties and it worked perfectly. Furthermore, if I use the send send functions it will work, but It would be easier to use their ids and such later on in the logging process because it would be very tedious counting how many times i would have to use tab and the arrow buttons. Any help is greatly appreciated like always. Thanks.

#include <ie.au3>

$user = InputBox("Login", "Enter Username:")
;$pass = InputBox("Password", "Enter Password:", "", "*")

;Opens IE then navigates to site
$oIE = _IECreate("", "Start Center - Windows Internet Explorer")
$o_form = _IEGetObjById("", "loginform")
$o_username = _IEGetObjById($o_form, "j_username") ;this is the id i got from developer tools
;$o_password = _IEGetObjById($o_form, "j_password")
_IEFormElementSetValue($user, "j_username")
;_IEFormElementSetValue($o_password, $pass)
;_IEAction($changes, "click")
;ControlClick("", "Changes", "mx127_0")
;_IELoadWait ($oIE)

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Did you look at the _IEGetObjByID() and _IEFormElementSetValue() functions in the help file? Try the example scripts under them?

What should the first parameter be? (Hint: Not what you have here.)


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