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Check for first 28 chars of a url string then click url

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Hi there! N00b here so if anyone can help that would be awesome!

This is I'm looking for

Script that checks for the first 28 chars or a URL on a page, then clicks the URL and proceeds to the next

something like

go to page (www.thisisit.com)

if left(url,28)="http://www.test.com/test.php"


click (url)


If you need more info just lmk

thanks a million!


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  • _IE* functions
  • StringInStr
  • StringLeft

thanks but I did try before I posted

I got the sample script but it only works with text ON the site not with URLs, did also try inner outer html couldnt get it to work

Any ideas?

Used this script but cant get it to work...

$sMyString = "http://www.qwerty.com/qwerty"

$oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oIE)

For $oLink in $oLinks

$sLinkText = _IEPropertyGet($oLink, "outerhtml")

If StringInStr($sLinkText, $sMyString) Then

_IEAction($oLink, "click")




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