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Use AutoIt to monitor a text file

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There is a certain program that is always writing to a log file that is in text format. How can AutoIt be used to constantly monitor what is being written to this text file and take certain actions depending on what new output it sees?

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Infinite loop containing FileRead

Well, maybe a loop that checks the time stamp or filesize and reads it only if changed.


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i coded this filewatcher ~~ one week ago

; File watcher

$INI = @ScriptDir & "\Settings.ini"
$filename = IniRead($INI, "watching", "filename", ""); Filename
$string = IniRead($INI, "watching", "stringtosearch", ""); String writed to file by bot
$do = IniRead($INI, "watching", "filerun", ""); Run a file after text in file
$exit = IniRead($INI, "watching", "exitiffound", ""); Exit if string was found?

$delay = IniRead($INI, "delays", "searchdelay", ""); Time between loop wil check file again

$File = FileOpen($filename, 0) ; 0 - Read Mode

While 1
If FileReadLine($filename, 1) = $string Then ; If first line of file is our string then...
    ShellExecute($do); Run a file
        If $exit = "true" Then
sleep($delay * 1000)


This should be useful for u

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