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ATI Driver Update Utility

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ATI Driver Update Utility.

I wrote a script to update my driver without going to there website.

I am currently checking the driver version from a reg key that could change.

Does anyone have a better way to check the version number on the system?

Any feedback is welcome.


(This is only for desktop systems at this time.)


- Added driver download mirror list. (7 mirrors)

- Mirror chosen at random.

- Fixed "Install complete" notification not displaying.


- Fixed driver download link.


- Combined XP/Vista/Win7 support into one exe.

- Added x86/x64 support.


- Fixed ATI Website links, changed to AMD links.

- Added driver silent install.


- Fixed driver not always downloading on first run.

- Added Win7/Vista Support.

- Attached source/exe with XP/Win7/Vista code.

In the works:

- Custom ATI banner/download progress bar.

- Tray configuration menu. ATISource-EXE.zip

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