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ICON on gui/DESK top/Splash screen before gui opens

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Hi All, Another no doubt silly question. Just trying to pimp my GUI so that the icon at the top left/Desk top ICON/ Splash screen if thats what its called displays one of my ICONs. But read through the forum and cant seem to put it into practice. Any help would be greatly appreciated ;)

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>

#include <AVIConstants.au3>

#include <TreeViewConstants.au3>

#include <AD.au3>

#include <Outlook.au3>

#include <Excel.au3>

#include <ButtonConstants.au3>

#include <GuiTab.au3>

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add= ISS.ICO

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add= ISS.ICO


Global $LANID1234, $GATEWAY, $AVATAR, $FORENAME,$hGUI,$hTab_1, $getlan1, $SMPUSERPW, $sInitials , $sSurname

;===============GUI SECTION===========================================


$pass = InputBox ("enter password", "Please enter your password","","*",150,80)

If $pass <> "coolio123" Then

MsgBox (1,"warning" , "Incorrect Password" & @CRLF & " Try Again")


Until $pass == "coolio123"

GuiCreate("Identity Management", 600, 600)

$filemenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu("File")

$fileitem = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("Password...", $filemenu)

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($fileitem, "pwstore")

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I have no ideas for you while in script form, but when you go to compile the script with the included compiler, you can add an icon to your application, that will appear when ran as an executable.

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For doing the Script Icon, use this:

TraySetIcon(@ScriptFullPath, -1) ;Sets the Tray Icon to the first icon attached to your script

If you want images in your GUI's without having to install image files on the system, look for Resources.au3

Note, you'll only see this when compiled.

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