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AutoIT Packet Sender

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I know that we need to HOOK the our program to the CLIENT/Program i want to get into. then hook to its Winsock ,send(),recv() functions.

but i have a problem ;) how does this work on autoit.

but basically i already have a PACKET to be sent, the packet is simple.. and what i really want to do is have a button , when i click the button it sends the packet :)

please help..

thank very much ahead..

i believe the ff. functions will be very helpful, or not.. please correct me if im wrong..

UDPBind, UDPCloseSocket, UDPOpen, UDPRecv, UDPSend

TCPAccept, TCPConnect, TCPCloseSocket, TCPListen, TCPNameToIP, TCPRecv, TCPSend,

WinGetProcess, ProcessExists -> to check if the process to hook to is running. i am right?


i found this somewhere else,

this can be done by sniffing packets.

1. taking out informations from packets is packet sniffing.

2. Editing packets and sending them as per your wish bypassing the kernel is called packet injection.

Can be done using raw socket(Linux should be your choice,coz Windows sucks in it) or third party APIs like WinPcap.

Hope you have enough informations to google now!!


i currently am reading this http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/APIHookingRevisited.aspx

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