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Process All Files in Folder by date as opposed to name

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I have a folder where there are several files I need to process. Files get added on a continuous basis. I have been using FileFindFirstFile and FileFindNextFile successfully for a while now but ran into a situation where It would be much better to process the files oldest first. Is there a way to control FileFindNextFile so that it returns the oldest file instead of the first file alphebetically?

Any thoughts on a different approach get process the files oldest first?

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Store them in an array and the FileGetTime attribute. Once you store them in an array you reference it via the array number +1 or -1 instead of the FileFindNextFile. You will also have to use the _ArraySort UDF given in the help file.

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Thanks for the tips.

Here is the solution I came up with.

$FileList=_FileListToArray($Folder, "*." & $extension)
    $err = @error
    If (@Error=4) Then
        $filename = ""
        $UBound = UBound($Filelist)-1

        Dim $CombinedArray[$UBound][2]
        for $i=1 to $Ubound
            $datetime = FileGetTime($folder & "\" & $FileList[$i], 0, 1)
            $CombinedArray[$i-1][0] = $FileList[$i]
            $CombinedArray[$i-1][1] = $datetime
        _ArraySort($CombinedArray, 0, 0, 0, 1)  
        $filename = $CombinedArray[0][0]

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