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Firefox NTLM

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I'm working on a script to enable NTLM (AD authentication) in Firefox. I came across a VB script that does this http://cdn.sivel.net/f/i/firefox_ntlm_preference_conf.zip

but I don't really like VB and figured it could be done in Autoit easily. But before I dive completely in I wanted to ask if anyone has created something similar. I did a search and came up with nothing but thought I'd ask anyway.

Assuming no one has, what would be a good way to find the Firefox user profile? I don't see a registry entry that details it. Mine for instance is: Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\kdupza9t.default but it varies per user and even whether you have XP or Vista/Win7. I suppose since the file I'm looking for (pref.js) would be in all profiles I could just apply the scrip to all pref.js files under Firefox\Profiles, though it is user specific.

Anywho, sorry for the rambling, just trying to think through this.

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