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Edit add\remove NTFS permissions

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Does anyone have anything that will recursively edit NTFS permissions?

I've looked into xcalcs.vbs, but not getting where I need as fast as I need. Our executive office wants our Domain Admins removed and replaced with a different domain Admins group with only a select few domain Admins as members. Easy except for the past decade they've had us grant\remove permissions on many sub-folders for individuals and groups both in and out of their office. I ran a report with Hyena that shows 40 permissions per page and is 115 pages long. That's gonna take a while to manually configure.

If remove the domain Admins group from the top directory and set it to "Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects", then it will remove "exlicitly defined permissions" on those sub\child objects.

I basically need the script to permform the steps below regardless of inheritence settings:

Remove 1 group from all folders\directories at all levels

Add 1 group to all folders\directories at all levels

Retain all current permissions for other groups and individuals - I guess if it read\stores them at the start, it can wipe them and them replace them, but that's getting into a risky area.

There has to be something already created that can do this. We can be the first people who need a script to replace permissions in this manner.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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