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How does Koda know?

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What I'm referring to is the feature in Koda that identifies the source file for a form, the one that enables the Update Script function and puts the indicator on the form icon. I don't think that the "Form=..." on the #Region statement is what does it; I don't really see how it could. So it seems Koda has to store that script name somewhere. I've created a form for testing and for the life of me I can't find where in the world it stores the associated script name. I can't find it in the .kxf or fd.xml or styles.xml or the registry or any indicator in the source file (the .au3 that Koda generated). I even looked to see if maybe it was in an alternate stream in the .kxf file.

So anyway, it's not like I haven't done my best to find it, but no luck. Can anybody tell me?


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