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Troubleshooting a script application that only fails 10% of the time

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I have a AutoIt script that is used to automate an application. The script runs as a scheduled task. 90% of the time the script works correctly. The other 10% or so, the script fails waiting for the Print dialog to appear.

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how to troubleshoot a problem like this as when I run the script manually it always seems to work.

Here is the subroutine that prints the display. I use WinMenuSelectItem("InfoStore Client", "", "&File", "&Print") to execute the print command. This always returns success (1).

Func PrintDisplay()
    WriteToLogFile(@ScriptDir & $LogFileName, "In Print Display")
    $Count = 0
        $status = WinMenuSelectItem("InfoStore Client", "", "&File", "&Print")
        $Count = $Count + 1 
        if($Count = 10) Then
            $rc = _INetSmtpMailCom($SmtpServer, $FromName, $FromAddress,  $FromAddress, "Print Display: IFM Report " & $FileName & " did not print!", "", "", $CcAddress, $BccAddress, $Importance, $Username, $Password, $IPPort, $ssl)
            $hWnd = WinGetHandle("InfoStore Client")
;~          _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd (@ScriptDir & "\Temp\CurrentScreen_" & @hour & @MIN & @sec & ".jpg", $hWnd)
            ProcessClose ("InfoStore.exe")
    until ($status = 1)
;   WinWaitActive("Print")
    call("WaitForControl", "Print", "&Print",  "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:13]", $DefaultTimeOut)

    ControlClick("Print", "&Print", "Button13")
    call("WaitForControl", "InfoStore Client", "",  "[CLASS:ThunderRT6ComboBox; INSTANCE:3]", $DefaultTimeOut)

Then I use WaitForControl (see below) to wait for the &Print button on the print dialog to appear. When it works, the print dialog shows up in 10-15sec or so. When it fails, the scrpt timesout at 200sec. I tried capturing the screen to see if I could see some reason why the print dialog dod not appear but all I get is a black screen.

Func WaitForControl($sTitle, $text, $sControlID, $iTimeout = 5, $Exit = 'True')
    Local $iTimer = TimerInit()
    While (ControlFocus($sTitle, $text, $sControlID) = 0)
        WriteToLogFile(@ScriptDir & $LogFileName, "Wait")
        if (TimerDiff($iTimer) / 1000) >= $iTimeout then 
            WriteToLogFile(@ScriptDir & $LogFileName, "Exit without Focus - " & $sTitle & " - " & $text)
            if($exit = "True") then
                $rc = _INetSmtpMailCom($SmtpServer, $FromName, $FromAddress,  $FromAddress, "IFM Report " & $FileName & " did not print! " - TimerDiff($iTimer) / 1000, "", "", $CcAddress, $BccAddress, $Importance, $Username, $Password, $IPPort, $ssl)
                $hWnd = WinGetHandle("InfoStore Client")
                _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd (@ScriptDir & "\Temp\CurrentScreen_" & @hour & @MIN & @sec & ".jpg", $hWnd)
                ProcessClose ("InfoStore.exe")
;~      WriteToLogFile(@ScriptDir & $LogFileName, "Activate - " & $sTitle)  
        If (TimerDiff($iTimer) / 1000) >= $iTimeout/2 Then WinActivate($sTitle, $text)
    WriteToLogFile(@ScriptDir & $LogFileName, "Title = " & $sTitle & ": Timer = " & TimerDiff($iTimer) / 1000)
     return 1

Apprecaite any thoughts on how I could troubleshoot this.


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You can try putting in the schedule the option : onerror Restart - it will restart the script when you receive the error.

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