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Add multiple strings with one statement to a list box by lines.

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I'm creating my own function at the minute that works with files, arrays and listboxes to search. But I suddenly thought if the function returns more than one result, how do I put all of them in the list view using 1 varible.

So does anyone know how to do that?

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I'm not sure I'm understanding exactly what you are trying to do (a little code might help), but I would start with string concatenation which can be achieved using the ampersand symbol...

For example this

$newword = "auto" & "it"
MsgBox(0,"The new word is",$newword)

Will result in a message box displaying "autoit"

You can also use variables instead of string literals.


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Okay, I've used quite a complex method but it works

So thanks anyway

EDIT: I'm short on time tonight, so I'll explain it tommorrow!

Edited by DjATUit

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One way you might add multiple lines to a ListBox:

#Include <GuiListBox.au3>

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: _GUICtrlListBox_AddMultiple
; Description ...: Add multiple strings to a ListBox
; Syntax.........: _GUICtrlListBox_AddMultiple($hWnd, $vText [, $vDelim])
; Parameters ....: $hWnd        - Handle to control
;                  $vText       - String, delimited string, or array that is to be added
;                  $vDelim      - First index to add if $vText is an array, or optional delimiter if $vText is a delimited string
; Return values .: Success      - Zero based index of last string added
;                  Failure      - -1
; Author ........: PsaltyDS @ www.autoitscript.com/forum
; Modified.......:
; Remarks .......: v1.0.0.0 25Aug10
;                  If $vText is a 1D array then $vDelim is the starting index (default 0).
;                  If $vText is a string then $vDelim is the delimiter used in StringSplit to get the items.
;                  If $vText is a string and $vDelim = "" then $vText is a single un-delimited item to add.
;                  If the list box does not have the $LBS_SORT style, the string is added to the end of the list,
;                       otherwise, the string is inserted into the list and the list is sorted.
; Related .......: _GUICtrlListBox_InsertString, _GUICtrlListBox_DeleteString, _GUICtrlListBox_AddFile, _GUICtrlListBox_AddString, _GUICtrlListBox_InitStorage
; Link ..........:
; Example .......: No
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _GUICtrlListBox_AddMultiple($hWnd, $vText, $vDelim = "")
    Local $aText, $iRET, $f_Fail = False
    If IsArray($vText) Then
        ; Add array
        $aText = $vText
        $vDelim = Int($vDelim)
    ElseIf $vDelim <> ""
        ; Add delimited string
        $aText = StringSplit($vText, $vDelim, 1+2) ; 1+2 = Entire string is a single delimiter, Return 0-based array
        $vDelim = 0
        ; Add simple
        Return _GUICtrlListBox_AddString($hWnd, $vText)
    For $n = $vDelim To UBound($aText) - 1
        $iRET = _GUICtrlListBox_AddString($hWnd, $aText[$n])
        If $iRET < 0 Then $f_Fail = True
    If $f_Fail Then 
        Return -1
        Return $iRET

This allows you to pass a delimited string or an array to provide multiple items. Internal to the function, they are still added one at a time, though.


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Hi I did it by dividing each string with "|" in the return of the function;

Then two add them I counted the number of "|" and used 'For...To...Next' to add!

Basically, It works anyway!

Edited by DjATUit

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