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Hey there!

Well, i have a server and a client, and the client sends to the server a File, for example 5 megabytes. Now the server can exactly shows me the status of the transmition. But how can I can display this on the client-side? Well, the server could send to the client how many bytes are already read, but this i think this is not the nicest way to do it.

I also have written a Web Server in AutoIt, and Opera or Firefox or Chrome say, if the Buffer is not complete received, and TCPSend set @error to 10035. This is a nice way, i think. Is there any possibility to do exactly the same with AutoIt's TCPRecv Command?



p.s.: As I say on every post: Sry for my quite worse english ;)

www.AutoIt.de - Moderator of theĀ German AutoIt Froum

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