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Manipulating WinMsg of existing windows?

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Is there any chance to manipulate "window messages" of not-autoit create windows?

There is function GuiRegisterMsg, that allow me to bound certain function with certain msg, but only with GuiWindow I've created myself.

Is there any way, to signal my program, that user, e.g. just set focus to WindowsExplorer or just minimalized all windows?

Is there some way to manipulate, e.g. CloseButton of certain non-gui window, to show Msg asking "Are you sure want to close?" before actual closing?

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You may be able to do it with memory reading / injections, however that would be over kill for something like this.

And unfortunately I don't know of any built in auto-it functions that can do things like this.

(I'm guessing not due to the fact that this could be quite dangerous, For example, recording passwords some one is putting into a log-in box ext. Then sending the info to a site once the user clicks enter.)

But good luck.

Hello, World!... LAME lol

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