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Union support For DllStruct

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how about support for unions so that we could easly make structs like this:

typedef union _TYPEX_HEADER
    TYPE0_HEADER Type0Hdr;  
    TYPE1_HEADER Type1Hdr;  
    TYPE2_HEADER Type2Hdr;  
    ULONG vulConfig[64];    


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AutoIt doesn't have direct support for unions. They can be forged out of several dll structs or manual reading of data (like just make a byte array large enough to hold everything and read the bytes into your own format.

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You make e.g. raw structure in required size:

$tUNION_Raw = DllStructCreate("byte[4]")

Then depending on your needs interpret data the way you like it:

$tUNION_Dword = DllStructCreate("dword", DllStructGetPtr($tUNION_Raw))
$iDWORD = DllStructGetData($tUNION_Dword, 1)
$tUNION_Int = DllStructCreate("int", DllStructGetPtr($tUNION_Raw))
$iINT = DllStructGetData($tUNION_Int, 1)
$tUNION_Float = DllStructCreate("float", DllStructGetPtr($tUNION_Raw))
$nFLOAT = DllStructGetData($tUNION_Float, 1)




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