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Weird _INetSmtpMail Error

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I'm using a program that writes a log file each day and sets a registry with the date of the log file, then i get my _INetSmtpMail() script to send that log file. This works perfectly when i run the script manually, but if i then use registry to start it whenever windows starts, or place it in the Startup folder it pulls out a "Error Code:1 Description:0"

I've also tried to make a 2 mins sleep before the script starts, still no result

UDF Settings:

$attachment2=$attachment1 & ".htm"
$SmtpServer = ""
$FromName = "Tyranlol"
$FromAddress = ""
$ToAddress = ""
$Subject = "Hai Autoit Forum"
$Body = ""
$AttachFiles = $attachment2
Consolewrite($AttachFiles & @CRLF)
$CcAddress = ""
$BccAddress = ""
$Importance = "Normal"
$Username = ""
$Password = "MyPassWord"
$IPPort =465
$ssl =1

How my other script that writes the log file runs my _INetSmtpMail() mailer


Any ideas? thanks in advance

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