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Please explain @extend to a newbie

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Just started getting to grips with AutoIt and though I'm so far completely crap I am enjoying what is for the moment a steep learning curve.

Could someone please explain or point me in the direction of an explanation of the'@extended' macro - a search in the forums yields nothing and the help file is scant and cryptic to say the least. There is a suggestion that it has some use in collaboration with stringReplace (exactly what is unclear) but it also seems to return the number of tables on an IE page.


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If a function has to return more than one value there are a few options:

Returning an array,

Using ByRef parameters,

Global variables,

Setting @extended,

Setting @error

Possible ones I forgot.

Which is used depends on the function and the type of information returned. For the purpose of returning integers @extended is quite a nice solution.

StringReplace is just one example of a function that uses @extended to return an integer variable.

Hope that's clear and correct as it's just what I derived from what I've seen.

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Hi and Welcome to the forums!

Every function can set @error or @extended to a number by using SetError() or SetExtended(). So if you want to know what they mean look at the documentation or the source.

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