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possible to click on ActiveX install bar and actually install ?

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I am looking to doing load testing of activex product which must be loaded in IE.

How can I click on the activeX bar that appears when I visit the target page, and sendkeys ?

is it possible to do all of this in the background ?

thank you ~ !

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In order to download and install ActiveX for IE, follow these steps:

- In your IE web browser, select "Internet Options" and then "Security."

- Select "Trusted Sites."

- Select "Sites."

- Look for "Require server verification" and, if it is checked, make sure to uncheck it.

- Whatever the address is for the website that requires the ActiveX control, type it into the window that says "Add this Website to the zone" then hit "Add."

- Exit out of this window. Then close the "Trusted Sites" window. You are now back in the "Internet Options Security" window.

- Right-click on "Internet Options."

- Select "OK" and then "Save" in order to finalize the process. Exit out of this window.

- Now visit the website that needed the ActiveX control. You should be prompted to begin downloading the ActiveX plug-in. Make sure you trust the ActiveX control and the website that you are visiting. If you do, then proceed with the download.

- Once the ActiveX control has loaded you can now remove the website from the "Trusted Sites."

Just try this one.. :graduated:

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