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Run an installer as Admin from network drive

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I am new to autoIT script and just wondering if anyone could help me with a simple installation script

I want to allow user to run an installer, which stored on our network drive

However, most users dont have admin rights

In the old days, i have to walk up to the user's computer then issue commands

runas /user:administrator myadminpassword cmd.exe

*Admin command prompt comes out then type

net use Z: \\fs01\Software /user:mydomain\MysharedAccount MySharedPassword


I am trying to get it done via AutoIT script which could hide my admin password within the .exe

I have several attempt but all failed

I already tried to search thru the forum but nothing quite work as i expected


Can anyone please guide me thru?


Here is my code

$MapDriveMachineName = "fs01"

$NetworkDomain = "mydomain"

;My shared account user account for accessing the network drive

$NetworkUsername = "mysharedaccount"

;NetworkPassword - your network password

$NetworkPassword = "mypassword"



$AdminAccount = "Administrator"

$AdminPassword ="Admin1234567"

$ComputerName= @ComputerName

RunAsWait($AdminAccount, @ComputerName, $AdminPassword, 0, @ComSpec & " /c" , @SystemDir, @SW_MAXIMIZE,$RUN_CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE)

RunAsWait($AdminAccount, @ComputerName, $AdminPassword, 0, @ComSpec & " /c net use Z: \\fs01\Software /user:mydomain\mySharedAccount mypassword" , @SystemDir, @SW_MAXIMIZE,$RUN_CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE)

RunAsWait($AdminAccount, @ComputerName, $AdminPassword, 0, @ComSpec & " /c Z:\MyProgram\install.exe" , @WorkingDir, @SW_MAXIMIZE,$STDOUT_CHILD)


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