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Help UnixTime

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hello guys,i just created my account here

someone can help me with UnixTime script,this script is implemented in this application, mw2admintool.

Windows 7 X86

Posted Image

This is how it should be.

Windows 7 X64 (MY OS)

Posted Image

You can see that it shows False instead of date/time..etc

for some reason this script don't work under windows7 x64

Requirement(s): CrtDll.dll
 Notes:          If CrtDll.dll is not available then functions will return false
                 and set @error = 99.

i have this CrtDll.dll, is located in syswow64.

Sorry for my bad english!

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Could you share how you solved your problem ?

Can't get unixtime to work !

Win7 pro x64. scripts compiled to x64. - Autoit v3.3.6.1 | Scite 1.79

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