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Drag Drop Enabled ???

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Hi to all please can i have some HELP with this..

The bat file im running at the moment is like

regedit /s VBDECO~1.REG

regsvr32.exe /s RICHTX32.OCX

start /wait VBDECO~1.EXE

regsvr32.exe /u /s RICHTX32.OCX


And works fine exept drag and drop not anabled from bat file..

How can i do it with autoit script.

If $CmdLine[0] Then

    ; get 4 chars on the right of the passed switch

    Switch StringRight($CmdLine[1], 4)

        Case '.msi', '.exe'

            If FileInstall('VB Decompiler.exe', @TempDir & '\') Then

                $exitcode = RunWait('"' & @TempDir & '\VB Decompiler.exe"' & $CmdLine[1] & '"')




But stil its not working..

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I have Some Info if Someone are interested


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