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I've found plenty of methods to toggle desktop icon visibility do this on the au3 forum and loads of them on google.

But nothing I've tried has worked except right clicking on the desktop>view>show desktop icons.

I'd like to list what i've tried for you but the list is endless, however I tried every script that came.

But here are the last three autoit solutions I've found.



WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_HIDE)

#include <GUIListView.au3><BR>$h = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Progman]")<BR>$hwnd = ControlGetHandle($h,"","SysListView321")<BR>_GUICtrlListView_SetView($hwnd,3)

MsgBox(0, "Warning", "Now we hide desktop icons")<BR>_ShowHideIcons(@SW_HIDE)<BR><BR>MsgBox(0, "Warning", "Now we show desktop icons")<BR>_ShowHideIcons(@SW_SHOW)<BR><BR>Func _ShowHideIcons($sState)<BR>  Local $hParent = WinGetHandle("Program Manager")<BR>    Local $hListView = ControlGetHandle($hParent, "", "SysListView321")<BR><BR> WinSetState($hListView, "", $sState)<BR>EndFunc
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