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MID forms

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in my programming class (which... honestly kinda sucks, but i need their degree...) we went through an interesting topic: MID forums.

from what i understand, a MID parent is a form which spawns other forms in it. the best thing i can offer is the Visual Studio.

it has two forms (usually), one for code and one for drawing the gui (kinda like koda) EXCEPT i can not drag the forms out of the main MID form.

i was wondering how it could be reproduced in autoit.

i'm not asking you to write for me (yet), try to explain verbally with some examples on how to write the MID parent and MID child.

i noticed a MIDCHILD flag in koda, but no MIDPARENT(?).


suggestions? comments? insults?

GFS out!

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I don't ever use koda, but maybe it is like regular guis where the top level is automatically considered the parent?

You create 1 gui

create a 2nd and tag the name of the first into the parent parimeter on the 2nd.

While you never put a line in the first to say it is a parent, it is automatically set as: first is parent, 2nd is child.

Just how I would think of it.



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First of all, it's called "MDI Forms" not "MID Forums". Second, similar questions have already been asked and answered:




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