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Random Keypress help

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Hi everyone great forum you have here, I'm having a bit a trouble though what I want autoit to do is send a random keypress out of like 4 selected keys so for example: space, w, s, d, a and it would randomly pick one

Would the code be someting like this:

Send((Random({"w" "s" "d" "a"})))

or am I completely off here? sorry if its completely wrong still learning ;) any help would be appreciated

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Wow, those look a lot like movement keys (wasd)

but assuming they are not and it was just a poor example...


if $key=1 then


elseif $key=2 then


elseif $key=3 then


elseif $key=4 then


elseif $key=5 then



that will only run once, to make it run more than that it needs to go into a function being called from the main script when needed, or put in a loop

Also you could use switch...case instead of if...esleif



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