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Acrobat Default Magnification

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Hi Experts,

I want to create a script that will change the magnification og PDF files to "fitwidth". Searching the net, I found out that CosDoc can do this. But I'm not familiar with it, and even reading the Acrobat Core API did not help.

Here is an example script that I've got:

PDPageMode pageMode = 3;
PDDocSetPageMode (pdDoc, pageMode);
PDLayoutMode pageLayout = 1;
PDDocSetLayoutMode (pdDoc, pageLayout);
CosDoc cosDoc = PDDocGetCosDoc(pdDoc);
CosObj cosObj = CosDocGetRoot (cosDoc);
//CosObj newOffArray = CosNewArray(cosDoc,false,2);
CosObj val = CosDictGet(cosObj, ASAtomFromString("FitH"));
CosDictPut (cosObj, ASAtomFromString("FitH"), val);

So what are those two CosDoc (CosDoc cosDoc)? Are they variables? How can I use that in AutoIt?

If only I can configure how that line of codes work, maybe I can start this script.

So please if anyone can explain this, it will be a great help. Thanks in advance!

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