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Reading XML

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My XML file is like that:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<Property id="10123" name="domains" type="list">

<Item type="string" value="a.com"/>

<Item type="string" value="b.com"/>

<Item type="string" value="c.com"/>

<Item type="string" value="d.com"/>



I can read Property node:

#include "_XMLDomWrapper.au3"

#include <Array.au3>

dim $aAttName[1],$aAttVal[1]

$ret = _XMLGetAllAttrib("/DeviceNetworkSettings_v5_2/Property[@id='10123']",$aAttName,$aAttVal)


But how to read child nodes of Property node (Item values from the list)?


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Verily, thou shalt go thusly:

#include <Array.au3>
#include <_XMLDOMWrapper.au3>

Global $aAttName[1], $aAttVal[1], $iCnt
Global $sXML = @ScriptDir & "\Test1.xml"


_XMLGetAllAttrib("/DeviceNetworkSettings_v5_2/Property[@id='10123']", $aAttName, $aAttVal)
_ArrayDisplay($aAttName, "Parent Attrib Names")
_ArrayDisplay($aAttVal, "Parent Values")

$iCnt = _XMLGetNodeCount("/DeviceNetworkSettings_v5_2/Property/Item")
For $n = 1 To $iCnt
    _XMLGetAllAttrib("/DeviceNetworkSettings_v5_2/Property/Item[" & $n & "]", $aAttName, $aAttVal)
    _ArrayDisplay($aAttName, "Item " & $n & " Attrib Names")
    _ArrayDisplay($aAttVal, "Item " & $n & " Attrib Values")


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