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Another TCP topic...

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Ok so for about the past 2 weeks my friend, who graciously offered to be my guine...I mean tester, and I have been attempting to create a simple chat application. But now this is where the problem occurs, we are connecting over the internet. I have port forwarded both of our port 1999's and attempted to use that port for the tcp connection. However for some reason I cannot get it to work.

PS Since I wanted to start simple I just used the TCPSend() and TCPRecv() examples which worked just fine on my LAN connection.

Info that was used:

1)My LAN IP address(The one assigned by the router) was put into the TCPRecv()

2)My Static IP given from sites such as www.whatismyip.com was put into the TCPSend()

3)Both routers were portforwarded port 1999 to our respective computors.

4)I have no Idea what is going wrong... However I would really like to create a working chat client, however I am having trouble finding what I am doing wrong.

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