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Help with IPC

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Can someone please point me toward the best example of using AutoIt with IPC (named pipes)?

Thanks a lot.

See this thread here:


Tehcnically, I don't know if AutoIt actually uses named pipes anywhere.

And that is just one way to do IPC and IMHO not the best in general.

It has some advantages like you can set it up to use over a LAN.

I don't know speed wise but since it's kind of complicated and close to sockets having the same kind of client/server

network terminology you might as well use socket/networking as a bonus you can go from LAN to WAN easily.

If you want to roll your own depending on your needs you can probably integrate one into a AutoIt DLL.

Some nice pages on CodeProject about "IPC" (Search CodeProject "IPC")

I made my own like Shared Memory with IPC with threads using simply shared memory, a "consumer"/handler thread combined with a few event objects,

a "CriticalSection" to make the sender method thread safe, etc.

Its serial, not queued, etc., but then it doesn't get much simpler and faster then this.

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