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Copy files as domain user & install program as Admin

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Just a reference post for those who want to use Autoit to run executable as administrator

I was trying to rewrite an old autoit script from using RunAsSet() & switch to Run() / RunWait() as the newer AutoIt deprecated RunAsSet()

The following example helps you to kill all the Excel process on the machine

then map network drive as another user & copy files to where your script relies

This is not meant to be secure / just a dirty fix for your environment~

I am sure if you search further, you would find much better script the following~~

Hope this help some admins around

$sUserName = 'Administrator'

$sPassword = 'Adminpassword'

$ExePath = "T:\Admin.exe"

If IsAdmin() Then

$Answer = MsgBox(4100, "My App Installer", "Do you want to close Excel?",10)

If $Answer =6 Then

;Kill all excel.exe process

ShellExecute("taskkill.exe", "/f /im excel.exe",@SW_HIDE)

; Map repository drive with domain user's credentials, then copy Admin.exe to @scriptDir

ShellExecute('cmd.exe', '/c net use T: \\fs01\repo /user:mydomain\user01 user01password && copy '& $ExePath & " " & @ScriptDir )

;Execute the copied program as administrator

RunWait("Admin.exe",@ScriptDir )




;The following command rerun the script as Admin, so the user could run the executable with admin privilege without knowing the password

RunAs($sUserName, @ComputerName, $sPassword, 0, @AutoItExe & ' /RunAs', 'C:\WIndows\System32', @SW_HIDE)


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