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Copy ' N Paste From Message Boxes


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I have a script that goes out onto the network to picks up information we need for writing reports eg MAC addess, serial no, manufacturer ,model no. etc and displays info in MsgBox(0,"info for PC called $PCname","blah blah blah").

What I would really like to do is copy 'n paste this info in our reports (rather than manually copy it!!). Is there a way of allowing the text displayed in a message box be 'selectable'.

Thanks for any feedback.

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If it's a standard mesage box then you should be able to get the text from it useing WinGetText()

You will get the text of the buttons in there too but you can probably hack that out once you know what to look for.

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MsgBox text can not be copied into the clipboard, but take a look at the ClipPut() function.

Msgbox(4096, "Information", $msg)

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Thanks, lads, for the initial replies. The company I work for has subcontracted out the IT (you've heard the story before...) this company is big on asset managment.

This information that is collected by the script is copied into different parts of various forms. It would be handy just to be able to copy the bit of info I need and paste it ito the appropriate part of the form. I suppose at the end of the day I could just output the info into a text document and resize this to sit at the edge of the screen.

I was thinking that there must be a way of making text in a message box selectable. Text is selectable in some forms generated by outlook and access... - ah..just a thought... :whistle:

Thanks for your help - keep up this great work.

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Have another AutoIT script wait for this MsgBox.

then use ControlGetText(windowname, "", control)

also, you can write all that info to a .INI file and assign hotkeys to the info you want to paste

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