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Memory reading Help?

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Ok I have been using nomadmemory.au3 to do some memory reads of some online flash games on facebook like farmville and millioner city games of this sort I am trying to get a better understanding of how they work because I am wanting to make my own for my website. The weird problem I have is when I try to do it on my laptop I can't it is Windows 7 32 bit 2 gb ram 250 gb HD with a amd 2.6 ghz processor Now when I do it on my desktop it works fine its windows 7 64 bit 4 gb ram 500 gb HD with a dual core intel processor any ideas. The script was compiled X86 to a .exe file so I didnt have to install Autoit on my laptop the only difference I know of between my laptop and desktop is the Bits 32 verses 64. So I took it a step farther I used a process viewer to view the threads and on my desktop I can see all the threads and full names but on my laptop all I can see is a bunch of ntll.dll threads cant see the names I dont know if this is related but I am trying to figure out why I can read the memory on a 64 bit os but not on a 32 bit os and Ideas?????????? I am stumped.

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