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i want to know any way to protect executable file problem is this

when we compile au3 file with upx its not

openable by Resource Hacker but it can Uncomressed By Upx -D

it there any way to compress exe and it not uncompressable by any


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There is a builtin compiler in SciTe that allows the function of non-decompressable. Even if it was possible the code would have to be redeciphered and translated in proper orientation and then also in AutoIt's unique call status. Here is the picture:


AutoIt Smith

Edit: Here is SciTe if you don't know where to get it. Use the tool "Compile With Options"







Edited by AutoIt Smith
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There's nothing new in that area that comes with CompileAu3 which

is already in Aut2Exe. "Allow decompilation" is also an option there.

(CompileAu3 uses Aut2Exe, so of course it is..)

Also, as stated here it doesn't seem to be a big problem to

get your hands on the source when using that option anyway... :(

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